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Our Story

Our founder Sharnay Hearn Davis,  was introduced to the Black Male Achievement Space after volunteering to support her friends running the Adonai Center for Black Males and the Urban League Black Male Leadership Development Institute.


While in these spaces she started asking "What about the Women and Girls?"  Her friends replied, "We are men, you do it." 


In 2014, Sharnay became responsible for leading President Obama's My Brothers Keeper initiative for the City of Pittsburgh and found herself asking that same question again. 

Our Humble Beginnings - Established September 2 0 1 5 

  • A birthday celebration with 20 close friends and mentors 

  • Turned into monthly,  3 Hour - Saturday Workshops focusing on healing 

  • Networking Events

  • A Facebook Community of over 700 Women of Color & 1000 Followers from across the globe 

The #SistersLiftingasWeClimb Network is an inter-generational, personal, and professional support network for Black Women 


Black Women gather to network and share resources—inspiring each other to celebrate their


In 2018, we were selected to attend the United States of Women Summit, in LA. In less than two weeks, we raised funds to sponsor two women from the network to attend the summit. 

In 2019, the City of Pittsburgh Gender Equity Commission released a Gender Equity Report that illuminated the disparities faced by African American women in our region, reigniting the need to advocate and amplify the voices of Black Women.  


Our Mission

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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