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“The Reality of Black Woman” is an anthology.  A collection of expressions from African American women who have found the courage to edify America by sharing their realities of what it is to be black be a black woman. It is imperative that we highlight the disparities and disconnects that have halted the progression of black women.

Throughout this book, the voices of black women will be amplified as each author shares their unapologetic truth and highlight their undeniable greatness. This book will echo the voices of our great ancestors that have paved the way, it will empower every black woman to dismantle the false narratives that have discredited the brilliance and excellence of black women.


Lastly, this book challenges policy-holders, leaders, and America at large to not just acknowledge the disparities and systemic oppression that has hindered the progression of black women. However, the writers have developed innovative strategies to evoke real change and create equal opportunities for black women in America. 


Sharnay Hearn-Davis

Kimberly Francette

Penda James

Latifa Miller

Sierra Lomax

Eryka Hearn

Sharmaine Gamble

Tamera Dixon

Nikkia Ingram

Shelly Mann's

Maurielle Stewart

“The Reality of Black Woman is written by 10 brilliant black women from all walks of life. These amazing women have gone above and beyond to serve their families and, communities while facing great adversities. These women are relentless in their pursuit of equality. Despite the barriers and hardships that each woman has faced, they are still finding ways to thrive. 

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